How to Host a Cooking Show

Hosting a cooking show couldn’t be easier. Simply write a list of 25 people who you would like to come along (we suggest 25 as around half of these will be unable to make it), reserve a date with me & invite them along.
The host is responsible for buying the ingredients for the dish so once we have set a date we can talk recipes & decide what food you would like me to cook on the night. Themed shows are great and just a few of the ones I offer are pizza parties, cocktails & canapés, curry nights, “sod the diet’ nights (great for cheering up a dreary January!)
After our lovely evening of fun, food & shopping the products are delivered direct to the host for her friends to collect.

As a thank you for hosting a Pampered Chef cooking show you are offered up to six fantastic rewards

Free Products
Select any products you wish from our catalogue. You will receive host points based on the amount of guest sales at your Show. Higher sales mean more free products for you! My average show of £320 will allow the host to choose approximately £40 of free products
Half-Price Selections
Choose up to three products from our catalogue for half-price, also based on guest sales. Make the most of your selections by choosing from our half-price host combinations listed in the catalogue.
Discounted Products
Enjoy up to a 30% discount on everything else you order at your Show. After your free and half-price selections, use the discount to grow your own collection of quality kitchen tools or to purchase gifts for others. Everyone loves
the Pampered Chef®!
Monthly Host Bonus Gift
Every month offers more products to earn for free

View Host Bonus Gifts for:
Income Opportunity
If you love our products, you will love starting your own Pampered Chef® business for less! Apply your host benefits toward the purchase of a Super Starter Kit. It is the perfect way to truly take advantage of all the Pampered Chef® has to offer.

900 points = £20 off
1,800 points = £40 off

10% Past Host Discount
Shop for a full year after the date of your Show —
everything’s on sale for our past hosts!

If you would like to reserve a date for a Pampered Chef cooking show contact me today!


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